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Welcome to Our Saviour Lutheran Church of Warrenton Va

No matter how friendly and welcoming a church is, visiting any church for the first time can be a little intimidating. You're probably wondering things like What's the church like? Are they friendly? Will I fit in?

Hopefully our website can answer many of your questions to help make your first visit with us more relaxing and enjoyable.


We are just people like you. We live, make mistakes, and are trying to make our way in this world.  We would be happy for you to join us for a service and just come in to talk.  As a community gathered around Christ we want to be a friendly place. 

Our Beliefs

This church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Our main church’s vision statement is:

In shorthand we are forgiven only by the grace of God and not by any actions we have done.  We all fail to be perfect.  However we strive to live, love and work as Jesus would have us.  It’s God’s Work but Our Hands.

If you would like more information on the ELCA please click www.elca.org.

Meet the Pastors

We have the blessing to be served by two Pastors who are married to each other.  Pastor Terri Church and Pastor Michael Church (yes their last name is Church) have been serving since 2013.  They live in Warrenton and have one child.

Pastor Terru ChurchTerri Church
Called as our Pastor

Email: Pastor.Terri@oslc-warrenton.org

What a joy it is to serve the Lord!  As a pastor I am able to work beside so many dedicated people who love God and feel called according to God's purpose.  This includes my husband, as the co-pastor, and the staff, but also all the many volunteers.  That is especially true of the congregation council.  The people below have dedicated their lives to serve God through the various ministries of Our Saviour, everything from the ongoing care of the property to the new grief ministry we will start this year, from education for all ages to service in the community and the world, from music and worship to reaching out to members in need.  When you read their stories you can clearly see that they follow the motto of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:  God's Work, Our Hands.     My email address is pastor.terri@oslc-warrenton.org.  Write me and let me get to know you!   Pastor Terri

Pastor Michael ChurchMichael Church
Called as our Pastor

Email: Pastor.Michael@oslc-warrenton.org

There is no greater joy than sharing the love of God with other people.  As a pastor, I have been called to share God's love in worship, Bible study and other familiar ways.  As a missionary in Romania, I was sent by my church to think outside the box, and reach people who might not have any real experience of the church -- or worse yet, whose only experiences had been bad.   But it isn't just pastors and missionaries who are called and sent to share God's love!  That's the mission and ministry of every Christian, and especially of the leaders who serve on a congregation council.  As a community, we aren't managers or even problem-solvers -- we are messengers of love.

Where is the Church and Our Faculties

Getting here is pretty easy. We are just off Rt. 29 and Rt. 605 in Warrenton. 

If you know the area we are right next to PB Smith Elementary.

Our address is:

6194 Dumfries Road Warrenton, VA 20187

Office Phone: 540-347-3224

 Our Saviour Lutheran Church

This is the view from Rt. 605.  We are easy to see.

Our Facility has:

  • Plenty of parking available

  • Handicapped spots marked that you can use if required

  • The building is fully wheelchair-accessible via curb ramps. The ushers or members will be glad to assist you

  • We also offer large print bulletins for services and we would be glad to serve communion at your seat if you are unable to come to the alter

  • Our sound system is hearing aid compatible.  Please inform the usher as they come to your pew during the communion service

Everyone is welcome. We welcome people of all ages, races, nationalities, ethnic groups, and whatever your place in life. We are a church strongly committed to serving all members of the Christian family.

Directions to Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Warrenton, Virginia

From the South (Culpeper, Fredericksburg)...Take US 15/17/29 north to Warrenton. Follow the US 15/17/29 bypass around and past town. When US 17 exits, stay on US 15/29. Dumfries Road is the third light (Route 605). Turn right. Our Saviour is less than a half mile down on the left, before the school.

From the North (Winchester, Marshall)...Take US 17 south to Warrenton. Take the US 17 Bypass around town and take the exit for US 15/29 North. Dumfries Road is the third light (Route 605). Turn right. Our Saviour is less than a half mile down on the left, before the school.

From the Northeast (Washington, Manassas)...Take US 29 south towards Warrenton. Dumfries Road ( Route 605) is the first of the three lights heading into town. Turn left onto Dumfries Road. Our Saviour is less than a half mile down on the left, before the school.

Click Here for Google Maps Directions

Worship Service on Saturday and Sunday

First, the times... we have three regular worship services, Saturday at 5:30 pm,  and Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30 am with a wide variety of Sunday school classes for all ages beginning at 9:15 am.

Who can receive Communion at a our church?

Anyone who is baptized and believes that Christ is truly present with and for us may come. Denominational differences disappear at the Lord's Table. Whether Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, or no denomination in particular, the one bread and one cup we share reminds us that our unity is found in the mercy of Jesus Christ. We are united in our need for forgiveness and in the grace given to us through this meal.  If you want to receive communion simply come up to the altar during the service following the others.  If you do not want to commune you have several choices.  You can come forward and cross your arms across your chest.  This will tell the Pastor that you do NOT want to take communion but would like a blessing.  This is often done by young people who come forward but do not commune yet this age.  You may also just stay in your seat.  The choice is yours. 

At communion we have bread, wine or juice as you prefer.  Usually we commune by what is called Intinction.  Intinction simply means that you will be offered the bread and then you will dip it in the wine or juice.  If you aren’t familiar with communion just follow the people in front of you.   

Saturday Night at 5:30 p.m.

If you don’t like to get up early or like something a little more casual then the Saturday night service is something many can connect with.  It includes a less formal worship style than our traditional Sunday morning services.

The idea of the Saturday night service is to provide an alternate time for worship, a different style of worship, and another opportunity for outreach to those who want a place to worship.

This service features everything a traditional service would have including lessons, a message from the Pastor and communion.  However, the Saturday service is less formal than the Sunday services.  For example, clergy and assistants do not wear robes and the majority attending worship are dressed more casually than those attending Sunday services. In the summer months people come in shorts although some prefer to come more formally attired and that’s OK as well.

Before worship service begins, greeters at the entrance to the sanctuary welcome and hand you a bulletin to guide you through the service. Go on in and take any seat you like. We have both large print bulletins and kids “pew pouches” which have coloring and other materials for our younger worshipers. 

The order of the service and most of the music is in the bulletin so you don’t need to have anything special to be ready to go.  If the music is not in the bulletin we will announce where you can find it.  We use two books of music – the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Book (it’s the red book) and the Worship and Praise book (it’s the smaller purple book) and they should be located in the rack in each pew.  

Service are typically less than an hour.  We have volunteer worship assistants, music leaders and our Pastors will give any directions needed during the service. 

The organ, choir, and traditional liturgical music are not used in this service.  The choir is replaced by a small group of singers; and a keyboard and other instruments, most notably the guitar, replaces the organ.  The congregation is encouraged to sing all of the musical selections.

Guests are never singled out or embarrassed.  You won't be asked to stand separately from the congregation or be required to wear a name tag.  If you choose, you may sign the friendship registry or guest book to let us know you came.

Giving is optional. We don't expect guests to give an offering as the offering plate is passed, though you are certainly welcome to if you like. Our members and regular attendees freely give to support our ministries.

If you have a small child or children you and your children are welcome.  There is a special children’s message during the service where the Pastor will invite any children up who want to come.  They can come or not at their choice.  Parents sometimes come up with them if this makes them more comfortable.  Your child is welcome to stay for any or all of the service.  We understand that children can make noise and that’s OK.  If you want we have a nursery during the Saturday service. 

After the service , the pastor will greet you.  Fellowship after the worship service (often as a potluck dinner) is held on the first Saturday of the month. 

Sunday Traditional Services at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.

We use liturgies from the Lutheran Book of Worship and Worship and Praise music.  The Sunday services are traditional Lutheran Worship Services.

As the services start, we have greeters at the entrance to the sanctuary and ushers to give you a bulletin. The ushers will also be able to help you with large print bulletins or a kids “pew pouches” which have coloring and other materials for the younger worshipers.  If you need assistance please ask.

There is plenty of seating available in the sanctuary. Sit wherever you like, there aren't any reserved seats. (Though occasionally the ushers will reserve off a pew or two in the front of the sanctuary when necessary.)

Our worship services are easy to follow by using the bulletin and they last about an hour. The volunteer worship leaders and pastors will give any directions needed during the service. There is an explanation of worship on the inside front cover of our hymnbooks to help you understand why we do what we do.

Guests are never singled out or embarrassed. We won't ask you to stand or require you to wear a name tag or anything like that. If you choose, you may sign the friendship registry or guest book to let us know you came.

You don't have to pay anything. We don't expect our guests to put anything in the offering plate, though you are certainly welcome to if you would like. Our members and regular attendees freely give to support our ministries.

We have child care during the Sunday10:30 am service with a staffed nursery for infants through age 4. Generally older children (5 year olds - 2nd graders) go to the worship service and then are dismissed after the children's message go to Children's Church (10:30 service only). However, if you prefer, you may certainly have your children remain with you in the sanctuary. Ask the ushers if you need help or directions.

The Nursery now has pagers to help make parents feel more comfortable about leaving their children in the Nursery. You can pick up a pager when you drop off your child and if anything requires your attention the staff will vibrate your pager in the service.

We have children's bulletins designed for our own worship service and for various ages (4 years old - 5th grade). You can get them from the ushers. For the very young there are toy bags in the coatroom.  These bags contain toys, which are quiet, to assist your child during the service.  Please return these to the box next to where you picked up your pouch at the end of the service.  If you don't know where to find the toys please ask an usher before you enter the sanctuary.

Sunday Morning Classes and Fellowship

Do you want to grow in your faith, be better connected to others, and experience a deeper understanding of God's plan for your life and for the mission of the Church in the world? If so, you will find that classes are perfect places for fostering fellowship, learning more about the Bible, strengthening your faith, and developing a deeper, richer Christian worldview.  

There is coffee, tea, juice and occasional other refreshments available between service in the fellowship hall for all. No charge, just help yourself. 

Sunday school classes are also available for all ages beginning at 9:15 am.

Tip: the classes are a great way to get to meet people and make friends since they're smaller than the worship services and have lots of relaxed, open discussion.

What about Community?

We're glad you asked... OSLC is made up of a wide diversity of people, who enjoy learning, worshiping, serving and just being together in any combinations from small groups to mass events like all-church picnics. We're a friendly bunch, and we'd love to help you find where you'd fit in.  All people have gifts and ways they can belong.  All are good – if it’s being a worship assistant, playing music, cooking, quilting, or joining any of our activities – it builds community and allows you to meet others. 

Our community theme is "God's Work, Our Hands" and focuses our thoughts and actions on Christ's outpouring of love on each of us as an inspiration and motivation to serve others in our fellowship of believers, in our community and throughout the world."

If you are interested in groups or ministries or others your age... well, that's covered. OSLC has active ministries of all sorts ranging from children, youth, men, and women, through to seniors.

If you have a heart for missions, you'll find that local and world outreach is one of our priorities for all ages from children's ministries through seniors. We have traveled as close as Warrenton to help the Warrenton Food Bank and as far as the Dominican Republic to build homes.  We also quilt and have literally sent hundreds of quilts to people around the world through Lutheran World Vision.  Our youth and adults participate in the 30-hour famine which raises money to fight world hunger.  

If you are a music lover, we have a variety of music ministries and opportunities ranging from concerts to worship teams, choir and even a bell choir.

If you are interested in finding ways to serve others, you'll find that our members helping others in many ways with our Care Givers ministry.  Our care-givers will then be called upon to make visits, send cards, and make phone calls to enhance the pastoral ministry of the congregation. The care-givers may offer support by providing car rides to the doctor, picking up a prescription, sitting with a sick family member, and assisting with various care needs. And our care-givers will be networking care-recipients with those in our church or community who may have resources to assist them with their needs.   

And, especially if you want to find a place and a group of people who can help you learn and grow personally and in your relationship with Christ, you'll find that at OSLC. Our mission statement says "Living in God's grace, Our Saviour Lutheran Church is called to be a worshipping community gathered around the cross of Christ, reaching out to serve the world through faith and the freedom of the Gospel." That's not just a nice thing to put on the stationary letterheads, it's our real focus.

If you can't make it right now

Consider dropping us a note by email to let us know you stopped by or just plan to come visit another day.  You can email either of our Pastors, Terri or Michael Church.  Terri’s email is Pastor.Terri@oslc-warrenton.org and Michael’s is Pastor.Michael@oslc-warrenton.org.  We still have the phone as well and if you would like to meet with one of our pastors, please call our office (540-347-3224) to schedule an appointment.  Our Pastors spend a lot of time out of the office working with the community and visiting our friends and members but they are usally in the office Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until around 2:00 p.m.  

Learning More about OSLC

The obvious ways to learn more are to continue to explore this website and to come visit us. While we're delighted that you're visiting our website, there's no such thing as "cyber-church." Behind everything you see here are real live flesh and blood human beings. That's what the Church -- and church -- is really all about. So... we hope you'll move from cyberspace to real space and drop in and be our guest sometime at worship or at any of the other activities that may have caught your interest. Our website may be nice, but the real heart and soul of OSLC still awaits your personal on-site visit. We believe you'll enjoy what you find here. Come... be our guest. Be as out-going or anonymous as you like. You're always welcome here.

If you've been "checking out" OSLC for awhile and would like to find out more, we'll invite you to our next New Member Inquirers Class.  We run them several times a year for those wishing to become members of the church.  It is a great time to get to know the church, pastors and others making the same decision as you in joining the church.  Its the perfect opportunity to get any questions answered about life here at OSLC.  Class are informal and are a great opportunity to meet others and begin your life in the community of OSLC.